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Take a moment and ask yourself:

Do I need to improve my online presence? How can I get my prospective clients to engage more?

Did you know branding photography can give your business an instant facelift?  It can, and I can help!!



Branding is a marketing concept to identify a company's product, service, goals and what the business represents.  From your business message to the images and typography used to promote your business, there are several components that contribute to the user experience.

What is branding photography?

The images used in your email blasts, blog posts, social media posts and other promotional materials play a significant role in how you showcase your product / service and how your customers view your business.  Professional images of your product, you working on your product or performing your service, and images of you being YOU help your prospective clients connect with your business.

So, why do you need branding photography?  Here are a few reasons:

  1. Custom stock imagery :  Instead of purchasing general stock photography, you can create cohesive imagery that tailors to your brand personality.  The usage of consistent imagery in promotional material is a quality of a strong brand.  You will also limit the chances of someone else purchasing the same stock photo if you are creating one designed specifically for your business. 
  2. Professional head shots of you (and your team) : prospective clients want to be able to connect with your brand and the personality behind the brand (which is YOU!).  And don't forget, professional photography makes you look, well, professional!  Use these types of images on your About Me section of your site, your LinkedIn profile or for any press releases. 
  3. Increased exposure :  With numerous social media platforms to promote your business, there are so many opportunities to increase brand visibility and engagement with your audience.  And with so many channels to reach your audience, you're going to want professional stylized images to represent you and your brand.


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