Free tips on improving your phone photography


Want to step up your Instagram game?



If I could, I would carry my camera everywhere, but the reality is, it's big, bulky and cumbersome schlepping around a big ol' camera everywhere I go.  

Luckily, we have these super dandy devices that allow us to communicate with other humans via phone call, text message, DMs, emails... aaand it has a camera that is accessible & light-weight.  Yaaas.  It couldn't be any easier to document our daily interactions to share them on social media. Swipe, snap, post. 

I'm pretty active on social media, however I tend to favor posting on Instagram. I love having the ability to edit my photos within the app, plus the fun features for posting a story (even though Snapchat has a similar feature).  Regardless of whichever social media channel you prefer, we all post for engagement.  We post for likes. We post for followers to relate to our content.  We post to make a connection with our audience. 

Great photography will yield great content, and great content will yield better engagement.

And how does one improve their phone photography skills?  Say no more fam, I got you.  If you want the (FREE) low down on how to take better photos with your phone, sign up below for the goods!