Instagrammable Miami

Miami, you're something kinda special.  Both Will Smith & Pitbull dedicated songs about you and I don't blame them.  You got beaches, you got cool artwork, you got fascinating architecture, and the list goes on and on.   As a south Florida native, Miami will always have a special place in my heart and I want to share a few of my favorite insta-worthy spots. 

1. Design District

Institute of Contemporary Art,  Miami

Institute of Contemporary Art,  Miami

From the eclectic art installations to contemporary architecture, this neighborhood of luxury department stores & restaurants offers a variety of different backdrops for "likeable" posts.  On-street parking is available as well as parking garages (which I have an affinity for photographing in) and the area is usually not crowded. 


2. South Pointe Park

The vibrant and colorful lifeguard stands are iconic of South Beach.  Plus you got the beach, the quintessential palm trees, and this modernly manicured park for various backdrop options.  My ideal time to go is during "golden hour", which is typically the last hour before sunset or the first hour after sunrise.  This is when you get that dreamy, warm light.  


3. Museum Park

Bordered by the bay, the American Airlines Arena, and the downtown high-rises, this urban park has so much to offer.  With scenic views of the bay and home to the Perez Art Museum and Frost Science Museum, what I enjoy most about this location is the contemporary architecture that provide a modern backdrop for any photo.  From the mosaic wall outside the Frost, to the clean lines of the Perez entry way or stair cases around the property, these are just a few of my favorite geometric elements to photograph with.


4. Espanola Way  

Despite growing up in the Miami area, I have always driven by this historic street but have never actually stopped to visit.  Totally different from the other contemporary places listed above, this pedestrian-friendly street exudes the Mediterranean influence of historic Miami Beach. 

6. Basement Miami  

Relatively new-ish to the Miami scene, this retro-inspired night club / bowling alley / ice skating ring is hidden in the Edition Hotel.  Yes, I know, interesting combo.  The concept of glamorizing nostalgic activities is pretty neat however the atmosphere was bit uptight for my taste.


2. Wynwood

Whether or not you have visited Wynwood, you've definitely heard of it.  Located in the heart of Miami, Wynwood is the home to art galleries, breweries, crafty eateries, creative businesses, and what it's most well-known for, mind-blowing murals.  With over 200 street murals, you can find an inspiring wall around every corner. If you're looking for a background that's bold & edgy or urban & industrial, then Wynwood is your go-to spot.  The artwork is all around you, even on the ground you walk on. 

These are just a few of my go-to photography spots around the 3-0-5.  I'd love to hear what spots you favor or think are insta-worthy!  Here's an added bonus: if you want a few free tips on how to take better photos with your phone, check out my last post here

Give these places a visit and feel free to comment or share your thoughts!