Leave it to the Pro

As with every start of the new school year, teachers request that parents send in a few pictures of their child to display around the classroom, either in their cubby or birthday board, etc. And with every start of the new school year, I have to admit I am always procrastinating to turn these photographs in! I know, shame on me!  

Due to the urgency for meeting the submission deadline, I used a local photo lab instead of the professional lab that I always use.  When I picked up my order, I found a few of my pictures with a gray band along the left side. The employee attending the lab either did not notice the error or did not care. 

Despite my disappointment upon seeing my photographs with that hideous gray band, I was not surprised. And besides that ugly gray band, the coloring was completely off and the clarity was subpar. 


So who can you really trust to print your photographs?  

When a client hires a professional photographer, they are investing in an artist who not only is skilled a documenting a moment, an emotion, an expression, but is knowledgable in producing a finished product to be treasured for years to come. This includes preparing portraits to be wall-ready or beautifully laid out in an custom album. Ann Remotigue Photography works with professional labs to provide our clients with superior quality products, and we will take care of all the printing. :)